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If you are not charged, but you are being investigated, you must contact an attorney immediately. Do not delay! Otherwise you will be giving up important rights.

If you have been charged with a sex crime, the repercussions you face stretch beyond extensive fines and prison time. You run the risk of being labeled a sex offender — a label that is permanent. You need a criminal defense attorney who understands the implications of the charges you are facing. With over 100 years of combined legal experience defending people in Cincinnati, Lebanon, and throughout Ohio who have been accused of a sex crime, we understand the weight of these charges. We will aggressively defend your rights by thoroughly investigating the facts and developing a defense based upon the merits of your case.

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We are available to assist you with criminal law matters related to any sex crime, including:

In addition to a potential jail or prison sentence, many sexual offenses also require sexual offender registration. Tier I offenses require annual notification for 15 years; Tier II offenses require registration twice per year for 25 years; and Tier III offenses require an offender to register every 90 days for the rest of his or her life and also be subject to community notification (where the public is notified via mail).

Sexually Oriented Offenses by Tiers

An accusation of being a pedophile or a sex offender, you want to make certain that you are turning to an attorney who can defend your rights. Our past and present experience in leadership positions in organizations ranging from the Ohio Criminal Defense Association to the Warren County Bar Association, we have proven that we understand the laws pertaining to sex crimes. In addition to our experience in criminal defense, Charles Rittgers has served in the Warren County prosecutor's office. Because of his experience, we understand the case that will be made against you.

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Local Mayor Accused of Sexual Imposition. Faced Mandatory Sex Offender Registration: Our client was the mayor of a local village and was accused by an employee of inappropriate sexual touching. He was charged with Sexual Imposition. Although only a misdemeanor, if convicted our client would have been a Registered Sex Offender as required by law. The mayor was removed from office pending trial. Following a jury trial he was found NOT GUILTY and was reinstated as mayor shortly thereafter.

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Charlie M. Rittgers defended my father during a jury trial. My father was found NOT GUILTY on the charges of sexual imposition and intimidation of witnesses. These were very serious charges and if found guilty my father would have become a registered sex offender, had to move out of his home because of its proximity to a local church and served jail time. Charlie Rittgers proved to be an outstanding attorney during the entire daunting legal process and shined in the court room. His defense of my Father was brilliant and he commanded the respect and trust of the Jury throughout the trial. I would highly recommend Charlie M. Rittgers to anyone looking for a defense attorney who is not only extremely talented and successful but also honest, caring and just an all around good person.

- Anonymous