Personal Injury Representative Cases

The following injuries and results demonstrate the wide variety of cases that Rittgers & Rittgers is accustomed to handling. The firm has successfully resolved numerous cases in almost every category listed below.

Wrongful Death

Rittgers & Rittgers has successfully orchestrated multiple multimillion-dollar wrongful death settlements under confidentiality agreements. A confidentiality agreement is an agreement between two parties that prohibits either side from disclosing the details of the case.

Roadwork Construction Crash

A man was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash. A jury in Federal Court agreed with Rittgers & Rittgers during a summary jury trial that the case was worth $15 million in damages. The verdict was reduced to $9 million because of comparative fault. The defendant settled for a confidential amount the next morning.

Truck Crash Wrongful Death

A thirty-eight year old mother was killed when a semi-truck carrying steel for AK Steel failed to yield at an intersection in Middletown. The truck driver was cited for Failure to Yield and Vehicular Manslaughter. The case settled confidentially without a trial.

Drowning Death

A seven year old boy drowned at a members only organization pool as a result of poor staffing and inattentive lifeguards. The case settled for $2.1 million dollars.

Dilaudid Overdose Mistake By Hospital

A middle aged married woman was being monitored in the post anesthesia recovery unit (PACU) following a surgery when the staff improperly doubled the ordered dose of Dilaudid. Her physicians ordered 0.5 mg of the powerful opioid medication but the nurses administered 1.0 mg on three separate occasions. The PACU then failed to properly monitor her oxygen levels over several hours. Oxygen levels dropped from 100% to 85% and oxygen saturation was 73% with a blood pressure of 66/48 causing permanent brain damage. The case settled after a lawsuit was filed and depositions were taken for $1,600,000.

Pain Pill Overdose

A forty year old husband and father of three died of an opioid overdose after his doctor prescribed him pain medication for over fourteen years. The defendants blamed the man and his wife for his own death and also claimed he died of a heart attack rather than acute overdose. The case settled for $1 million before trial.

Semi-Truck Rear-End Crash

Our client and her husband were passengers in a vehicle that was rear-ended on the highway by a tractor trailer. Our client suffered a closed head injury. Despite the traumatic brain injury, it was difficult for the defendants to understand the harm they had caused because our client looked and acted healthy. People who knew her prior to the crash understood her injuries. The case settled before trial for $800,000.

Car Accident

A mother and daughter were injured in a car accident. The mother suffered herniated discs and a broken wrist and the daughter broke both her femurs. The at-fault driver had insurance, as did our client. The maximum recovery under our client's uninsured/underinsured policy was $500,000. The case settled for $500,000.


A father and his son were harmed as a result of malicious, false, and defamatory statements made by the father's ex-wife and daughter. A jury awarded our clients $500,000 and the court awarded over $60,000 in attorney's fees.

Sexual Harassment

Nine Warren County Court employees filed a sexual harassment suit against Warren County Court Judge Dallas Powers. Rittgers & Rittgers represented eight of the nine employees against the judge and the county. The judge lost his law license and the global settlement for all nine employees was $487,500 plus attorney's fees.

Truck Accident

A young woman was injured in a head-on truck crash with a lumber truck. She suffered a broken foot and ankle as a result of the crash. Rittgers & Rittgers settled her claim out of court for $416,000.

Slip and Fall

A 78-year-old woman was injured when she tripped and fell over a cement parking block outside a condominium complex. A jury awarded our client $385,000 for her closed head injury.

Motorcycle Accident

A grandfather was driving the speed limit and following all the safety laws while driving his motorcycle with his granddaughter. Another driver rolled a stop sign and pulled in front of the motorcycle, killing the granddaughter and severely injuring the grandfather. Rittgers & Rittgers represented the grandfather and settled his case for $350,000; the granddaughter's case settled for $1.1 million.

Failure to Yield Crash

A pickup truck driver failed to yield at a two-way stop. As a result, our client slammed into the trailer the pickup was towing. Our client was riding a motorcycle. Our client was a retired truck driver with a clean driving record. He had a pelvic fracture, spinal fractures, and hand and foot fractures. The case settled for $350,000.

On-the-Job Accident

A man working for a waste removal company was injured when a driver crashed into a garbage truck. The man suffered a leg and pelvic injury and was hospitalized for one week. Rittgers & Rittgers handled the third-party claim against the negligent driver. Our client received $325,000 for his injury.

Car Accident

After hiring Rittgers & Rittgers, a mother and daughter involved in a car crash recovered $265,000 (policy limits) for medical expenses and pain and suffering. Following the accident, the daughter suffered a rotator cuff tear and experienced muscle aches. Her mother had a broken vertebrae and broken ribs, but was not incapacitated.

Motorcycle Accident

A man was injured as a result of a motorcycle crash when the driver of an SUV failed to yield to the motorcycle. The case settled for the maximum recovery under the at-fault driver's auto insurance, $250,000.

Drunk Driver Strikes Motorcyclist

Our client was riding his motorcycle on I-71 when a female driver who was impaired as a result of pain medications rear-ended his motorcycle. Our client suffered serious road rash and other injuries. He returned to work quickly despite the pain and other than scarring from road rash he has recovered from his injuries. We settled his case for $240,000.

Young Man Injured After Falling In Sporting Goods Store

Our client fell over a weight on the floor in an aisle at a sporting goods store and tore his rotator cuff. The defense lawyers argued our client was negligent and never made our client a reasonable settlement offer. Rittgers & Rittgers lawyer, Barb Strady, working with Kentucky lawyer Tom Sweeney, successfully argued that the store and store employee were 85% at fault as a result of the display being above eye level and next to free weights on the ground; as well as the employee's instructions to our client. The verdict was obtained in a very conservative county in Kentucky with an all-white jury and judge. Our client was African American. The jury awarded $191,000 as a result of our client's rotator cuff injury, medical bills, and lost wages.

Married Couple Injured on Motorcycle

A husband and wife were traveling on a motorcycle in South Carolina when a negligent motorist struck their bike from the rear. Both husband and wife suffered medical expenses, lost wages, and injuries. Thankfully, both have returned to work and recovered from their injuries. The man who was at-fault had a maximum recovery under his insurance policy of $100,000 per injured person. We recovered $100,000 for the wife and another $75,000 for the husband.

Teen Driver; Motorcycle Accident

A man was injured while riding his motorcycle when a young driver pulled out in front of him. Our client suffered a broken arm. The case settled for $100,000.

Uninsured Driver Accident

A Hamilton County resident, while vacationing out of state and driving a rental car, was injured when an uninsured motorist struck his car. Rittgers & Rittgers recovered $100,000, the maximum amount of money available under our client's uninsured motorist policy.

Dog Bite

A young child's face was scarred as a result of a dog bite. The child received a $95,000 settlement for the injury.

Trampoline Accident

A boy was playing with three other children on a neighbor's trampoline when he broke his leg. The children were unsupervised and all jumping on the trampoline at the same time. The case settled for $75,000 before trial.

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