Drowning Accidents

Negligence: Drowning and Other Water Accidents

Ohio has a lot of opportunities for water fun — home pools, hotel and motel pools, water parks, recreational areas of lakes and rivers. But when safety is neglected and negligence causes an accident, the result can be serious injuries or wrongful death.

Drowning accident? Diving injury? You need good legal counsel.
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There are many different ways that negligence can cause a drowning accident or serious injury. If a loved one suffered a wrongful death in a drowning accident or if you or a loved one was seriously injured in an accident, contact the personal injury lawyers at Rittgers & Rittgers at one of our locations in southwest Ohio: Lebanon, West Chester or downtown Cincinnati.

It is important in any accident to understand what happened and why. That understanding can prevent future accidents, and it can also determine who or what was responsible for the accident that caused injury or death. Our personal injury attorneys work with experts to determine how an accident happened and who should be held responsible.

Was the negligence covered by insurance?

Responsible homeowners and businesses carry insurance policies that cover serious injury and wrongful death. They know that even in the best of circumstances, a moment's negligence or a misjudgment can cause a tragedy.

A diving board placed above shallow water can cause a spinal cord injury and lifelong paralysis. A lack of supervision — however brief — can cause the drowning death of a child. An intoxicated person at a pool party can cause a dangerous fall that results in a brain injury or a drowning accident.

Contact us and tell us about the accident that ended in serious injury or wrongful death. Our lawyers represent people in Butler, Warren and Hamilton counties and throughout southwest Ohio.