Fresenius Dialysis Equipment Problems Continue to Increase Peritonitis Risk to Patients

December 27, 2013 - WALTHAM, Massachussets - Fresenius Medical Care continues to have problems with its Liberty Cycler machines. In recent years patients using Fresenius products have been exposed to serious health risks and death because of product defects in the Liberty Cycler devices. The Liberty Cycler problems have included holes in the film, leaking Cassettes, software problems, and general leak issues that cannot be easily spotted or identified. A list of recent Safety Alerts and Recalls are below:

- Class 2 Recall dated November 5, 2013 regarding Fresenius Liberty Cycler due to fluid leaking inside the pump compartment of the machine.

- Voluntary Safety Alert dated October 22, 2013 regarding Fresenius Liberty Cyclers due to fluid leaks without an obvious leak source.

- Class 2 Recall dated July 10, 2013 regarding Fresenius Liberty Cycler Cassettes due to leaking that occurs during set up or during peritoneal dialysis treatment.

- Class 2 Recall dated February 11, 2013 due to a risk of leak in the Fresenius Liberty Cycler Sets which may become contaminated.

- Class 2 Recall dated April 24, 2012 regarding Fresenius Liberty Cycler Software due to an increased risk of software malfunction that results in Overfill for the patient (i.e., intraperitoneal volume (IIPV)).

- Class 2 Recall dated October 20, 2010 regarding Fresenius Liberty Cycler Sets due to leaks caused by microscopic holes/scratches in the film causing leaks.

It is important to know that any leak in the Liberty Cycler system can cause the dialysate to become contaminated. Contamination can lead to peritonitis and death. If you or someone you know has had peritonitis or infection while using Fresenius Liberty Cyclers, you may have a legal claim for damages.

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