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Motorcycle Crash Leaves Cincinnati Woman Clinging To Life

A motorcycle collision in Monroe Township seriously injured two people on Saturday. A 43-year-old Cincinnati was riding his motorcycle with a Cincinnati woman, 47, as his passenger when he collided with a Dodge Neon. The female suffered serious head injuries and is fighting for her life.

The motorcycle accident occurred on Bethel-New Richmond Road. The driver of the Dodge, a 21-year-old New Richmond man, failed to yield to the motorcycle while turning left into a driveway. He said he didn’t see the motorcycle because of the sun’s glare.

“The kid was coming westbound, it was about 6:40 (p.m.) and the sun was pretty high up – he was getting ready to turn into the driveway,” said Trooper Sgt. Charles Jordan. “The motorcycle didn’t have a whole lot of time to react.”

Unfortunately, this is a common type of motorcycle accident where the caged motorist doesn’t “see” the bike until it’s too late. Most bikers are aware of this risk and are ready for it, but when, as here, the “cager” turns at exactly the wrong time the motorcyclist becomes defenseless.

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If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed by a negligent motorist, contact an experienced Cincinnati motorcycle accident attorney to discuss your legal options.