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Ohio Police Chief’s Son, 22, Killed In Motorcycle Collision

A 22-year-old man from Erlanger, Ohio, died in a motorcycle accident earlier this week. Grief quickly spread throughout the area, as the fatal victim was the oldest son of the Edgewood Police Chief.

The young motorcyclist was riding his Suzuki on Interstate 42 and South Fork Road in Verona when he collided with a 1997 Ford Taurus. Although the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet, his injuries proved fatal. Police are still investigating and have not disclosed further details, such as who was at fault.

The motorcycle accident is the latest in a deadly summer for Ohio bikers. While some crashes have resulted from rider inexperience or intoxication, many have occurred because passenger-vehicle drivers fail to “see” motorcycles. It’s a preventable phenomenon that has claimed dozens of Ohioans this year.

Rider awareness and a helmet are the best tools for surviving negligent motorists. But only so much can be done when caged motorists fail to look for bikers.

If you or a loved one has been seriously harmed by a negligent driver, an experienced Cincinnati motorcycle collision attorney can help you explore your legal options.

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