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Ohio driver charged with OVI after allegedly turning himself in

by | Sep 18, 2014 | OVI Defense

When an individual is charged for an alleged crime, he or she may anxiously await what may come next for their situation. The stress and anxiety of their circumstances may make them feel as if they are stuck in a situation without knowing how to properly handle it. Luckily, many individuals who have been charged with OVI or other allegations may have options that could help ease the stress of their state-of-affairs and help them make better informed decisions.

A young man in Ohio may be looking to explore his legal options after he was charged with OVI. It was reported that the 20-year-old man had allegedly consumed alcohol and attempted to drive. However, the man purportedly realized he was too intoxicated to safely operate the vehicle and decided to turn himself into the authorities.

Reports stated that the man allegedly drove himself to a police station and informed police that he was afraid he would get into an accident because he was too intoxicated to drive. An officer arrested the man and charged him with OVI. A blood-alcohol test allegedly revealed that the man’s BAC level was four times the legal limit.

As the young man faces his legal situation, he may be concerned about what choices he may need to make about his situation. As a result, he may wish to gather more information on criminal proceedings for OVI in Ohio and what processes he may go through. By having a better knowledge of what he could face, he may be better able to determine what legal paths might be right for his circumstances.