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Accused Ohio woman allegedly has multiple OVI offenses

Multiple convictions for alleged criminal activity can often lead to serious consequences and increased punishments depending on the situation. If an individual is suspected of multiple OVI offenses, that individual could be at risk of facing more severe charges and, as a result, harsher sentencing. However, even with multiple convictions and charges, parties should be able to defend against accusations if they choose.

A woman in Ohio may be assessing the most prudent way to handle her situation after being charged for what was reportedly her fifth OVI offense. The charge allegedly stemmed from an accident in which the woman purportedly failed to maintain the correct lane and collided with a vehicle traveling the opposite direction. Only minor injuries apparently resulted from the event.

The woman allegedly did not give her real name to responding officers and also reportedly had a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit. She was charged for OVI and also had several other allegations leveled against her. It was noted in the report that she has apparently been convicted for OVI four times previously.

As with any situation in which a person is facing charges, the woman in this case should have the ability to defend against the allegations. Though it was reported that she has multiple OVI offenses, her current situation should not lead to felony charges due to the amount of time that has passed between the previous convictions. Nonetheless, information on the criminal proceedings for OVI in Ohio may help her and individuals in similar situations better understand how to handle their circumstances.

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