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Drunk driving charges leveled against Ohio driver

Criminal charges can be leveled against any individual in a situation in which the authorities feel charges are necessary. As a result, a charged individual could be an alleged first-time offender or possibly have faced allegations in the past. Nonetheless, an accused party should have legal options for how he or she would like to handle the situation. If a party is facing drunk driving charges, he or she may want to explore the legal possibilities.

One man in Ohio may be hoping to move forward confidently under his current circumstances after being taken into custody. It was reported that the man had been stopped by a police officer for allegedly traveling over the posted speed limit. It was reported that the man was driving 82 mph in a 55 mph zone.

After the initial stop, the officer apparently requested a breath test, to which the driver allegedly submitted. The results of that test reportedly indicated that the driver’s blood-alcohol level exceeded the legal limit. It was also noted in the report that the man had apparently been taken into custody on drunk driving charges 11 times in the past, and this most recent charge is apparently his 12th alcohol-related offence.

Due to the stipulations of Ohio state law, it does not appear likely that the man will incur felony charges despite the previous drunk driving charges and convictions. However, his situation should still be approached in a serious manner. If he wishes to maintain his innocence in the situation, the man could potentially consider creating a criminal defense that could help him present relevant and beneficial evidence that could possibly work in his favor.

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