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Man faces OVI, drug charges in Ohio

Facing a legal situation due to criminal charges may seem overwhelming. In order to lessen some of the stress relating to the situation, a person charged with OVI may want to gain knowledge on how such allegations are handled in a criminal courtroom. By feeling more prepared for the situation, an individual may feel more capable of making informed decisions.

One man in Ohio may be hoping to become more knowledgeable about his situation after he was taken into custody. It was reported that the man was driving a vehicle when he was apparently stopped by police for speeding. After stopping the vehicle, an officer stated that the driver was “obviously intoxicated,” though it was not specifically detailed what that statement meant.

The driver and a passenger — who was also purportedly intoxicated — were taken into custody. Additionally, reports stated that officers allegedly found cocaine and marijuana in the vehicle. The driver faces charges of OVI, drug possession and other accusations. It was not mentioned whether any breath or blood tests were administered to determine the driver’s blood alcohol level.

The OVI charge and other allegations filed against the man may be confusing to him at first. However, if the man wishes to gather information relating to the charges and criminal proceedings in Ohio, he may begin to feel more at ease as far as understanding his legal predicament. Similarly, he may find that gaining knowledge on defense tactics particular to his circumstances may help him in contesting the allegations made against him.

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