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Drunk driving arrest: Man charged after Ohio crash

Defending against criminal charges can be a situation in which a person may feel anxious. In many cases, being prepared for a situation may help parties ease some of their anxiety in order to better face their circumstances. If an individual is the suspect in a drunk driving arrest, he or she may want to assess the situation and determine how to best move forward.

It was recently reported that one man was taken into custody in Ohio after an accident. Reports indicated that the man was driving a vehicle when he apparently attempted to change lanes. However, during this attempt, his vehicle reportedly hit a tractor-trailer. The driver of the tractor-trailer apparently attempted to avoid another collision, and as a result, the truck left the roadway.

The driver of the semi truck was reportedly taken to the hospital, but the injuries that individual suffered were not considered to be life-threatening. Alcohol was a suspected factor in the incident, and the driver of the first car was taken into custody. He is currently facing charges of OVI and improper lane change. It was not mentioned whether a breath or blood sample was taken in order to determine blood-alcohol levels.

As the case for the drunk driving arrest moves forward, the man will likely want to explore his legal options. By creating a defense against the allegations leveled against him, he will be able to combat the charges and possibly challenge punishments, such as driver’s license suspension, if he wishes to do so. Information on Ohio criminal proceedings regarding OVI may help him better understand his current situation.

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