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Man charged with OVI, child endangerment in Ohio

If authorities suspect that an individual was intoxicated while operating a vehicle, it is likely that driver will face charges. If an individual is charged with OVI, he or she may want to determine what legal steps could feasibly be taken to handle the case. One man in Ohio may be exploring his defense options after recently being taken into custody.

It was reported that police allegedly first noticed the man while he was traveling over the speed limit. Reports stated that the man was purportedly driving between 50 and 55 mph in a 35 mph zone. Authorities apparently stopped the vehicle in a hotel parking lot, which is where the man was reportedly headed. He was purportedly babysitting and had been on his way to pickup the child’s mother with the child in the backseat.

Authorities apparently suspected that the man was under the influence, and officers allegedly conducted a blood-alcohol test. The test reportedly indicated that the man’s BAC level was .171 percent. The man was taken into custody on charges of OVI, felony child endangerment and failure to comply.

In order to prepare for his case, the man may wish to learn more about his OVI charge and the court proceedings that he will likely face in the near future. Information on the Ohio legal processes relating to his case may help him determine what defense strategies may be worth pursuing. As he does so, he will likely benefit by consulting with an experienced defense attorney who could act as an advocate on his behalf as his case moves forward.

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