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Ohio man faces OVI charge after alleged collisions

Understanding criminal defense options may help some individuals determine how they would like to move forward in their legal cases. One man in Ohio may be working to find out what strategies may be valuable to his case after being taken into custody for OVI. Reports stated that the man was allegedly driving a pickup truck and crashed into multiple vehicles and other objects.

It was reported that the pickup truck did not have its headlights on, and the truck purportedly crashed into a vehicle that was traveling in front of it, which caused that second vehicle to strike a third vehicle. The driver of the pickup truck reportedly continued traveling. At some point the driver allegedly also hit a stop sign, a fire hydrant and another vehicle, but it was unclear when those purported collisions took place.

Authorities reportedly stopped the truck, and officers stated that the driver smelled like alcohol. As a result of these incidents, the man was taken into custody on multiple charges. Among the allegations are OVI, reckless driving, failure to control and others. He reportedly pleaded not guilty to the charges that were leveled against him.

As the man’s case moves forward, he will likely want to review his defense options and determine what steps he would like to take. Information on Ohio criminal proceedings relating to the OVI and other charges could help him better understand his predicament. Furthermore, he may also which to discuss his strategies with his legal counsel in order to work toward creating a meaningful defense.

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