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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Possibly Coming To Lebanon, Ohio

by | Apr 29, 2019 | Drug Crimes

State regulators have scheduled a final inspection of 525 Genntown Drive in Lebanon this week as part of the final step towards About Wellness Ohio obtaining the certificate of operation needed to run the facility. If the dispensary passes inspection it could open within a couple of weeks.

All fifty-nine dispensaries in Ohio with are required to be certified to operate before they are permitted to sell marijuana. Currently, thirteen of the fifty-nine dispensaries have been certified to operate. Seven dispensaries, including Lebanon, could soon open within a 60-mile radius of Cincinnati. Currently the closest to southern Ohio is in Columbus.

Remember that even when a person has a medical marijuana card in Ohio, many perils exist including driving related offenses. Ohio still tests for the marijuana metabolite that can be present in blood and urine screens many days after a person smokes and long after the hallucinogenic effect of marijuana has dissipated. Ohio law treats the marijuana metabolite as OVI even though it is not indicative of impairment. Marijuana use puts a person at greater risk of OVI and aggravated vehicular homicide charges.