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Never Give Up; Case settles for policy limits after one law firm gets no offer

How important is it to pick the right law office after an accident? In short it can be the difference between no offer and a $100,000.00 policy-limit settlement.

You may be asking yourself how there can be such a drastic change. Unfortunately, many attorneys either do not have the time, experience, or money to effectively litigate cases against insurance companies. Attorneys at Rittgers Rittgers & Nakajima pride themselves on taking hard cases and standing up against insurance companies – ultimately taking cases to jury trial when a fair settlement cannot be reached. As a result, insurance companies respect our attorneys. This is why we get big settlement offers on cases where other firms get no offers.

Recently, Matt Nakajima and Charlie Rittgers obtained a six-figure policy limits settlement on behalf of an injured client.  The settlement was obtained despite the fact that the investigating police department determined our client was the cause of a two-vehicle crash and cited our client.

Prior to Matt and Charlie’s involvement, multiple law firms had reviewed the client’s case.  Every other law firm had declined to accept the client’s case.  The adverse insurance company told Matt and Charlie it would never pay a penny for their client’s injuries and belittled them for pursuing the case.

Instead of accepting the supposed facts on the police report, which included a crash reconstruction by the highway patrol, and being discouraged from investigating the case based on the insurance company’s threat to never pay, Matt and Charlie meticulously searched for the truth.  Matt drove over an hour to the scene of the crash and took his own measurements and photos.  He then walked to every home in the vicinity and interviewed potential witnesses. They also obtained a download of the adverse driver’s vehicle and her cell phone records.  With this new information, Charlie and Matt were able to confirm the miscalculations in the police crash reconstruction and prove that the other driver was at-fault for the crash.

After 9 months of litigation and multiple depositions, the insurance company offered its insured’s policy limits to settle the case. Insurance companies, in most states, including Ohio and Kentucky, must pay the policy limits or the amount it believes is fair compensation for the harm and losses, as soon as it has sufficient information to assess the true value. Yet another reason it is important to pick the right law office so you can accurately assess the true value of your injuries. Where other firms were quick to turn down this case, our attorneys went the extra mile to prove liability and finally compensate our client for her injuries.