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Thanksgiving weekend leads to drunk driving dangers

It's common in communities across America for people to go out and have a party on their days off. This is especially true on long holiday weekends - after all, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and New Years are all times for celebrating.

Ohio husband claims wife was overworked before car accident

Driving drowsy is a common danger on America's roads today, as hectic schedules and busy workdays coincide to make drivers feel fatigued and stressed. Driving while tired can make a person lose focus, negatively impacting response times and decision-making. Usually, it is the driver's responsibility to ensure that they are alert and active when they get behind the wheel.

Popular teacher killed in hit-and-run bike accident

Following an accident, there are a number of things that drivers, by law, are expected to do. First among these is to stop and notify authorities. This is something that every driver knows, yet sometimes, in the fear and the panic of a car accident, drivers sometimes attempt to flee the scene. Hit-and-run accidents are not only highly illegal, they are extremely dangerous to the victims, who may have suffered serious injuries and may be unable to call for help.

Fiery accident between 2 trucks leaves 1 driver dead

When a truck driver gets behind the wheel of a semi-trailer, they take on the responsibility to drive safely and carefully. This responsibility is intended to protect the other drivers on the road; all too often, when it is broken, drivers of smaller vehicles must pay the price. A recent case, however, shows that other truckers are just as at-risk in a tractor-trailer accident.

Crash with police cruiser claims six lives

Police officers have a solemn duty to protect the public through their words and actions. This means not only tracking down and capturing criminals, but also doing it in a way that does not endanger innocent lives. Police work can be dangerous; it's important that that danger is not allowed to escalate or spill over onto bystanders.

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