Police chase leads to 5-car pileup

Police have a duty to protect and serve -- it goes without saying that this means their actions should never endanger the public. However, this is often an issue when it comes to high-speed chases. Police officers often initiate high-speed chases in an attempt to apprehend suspects; however, these chases sometimes end in tragedy. Suspects often drive recklessly, striking other vehicles, damaging property and injuring innocent parties.

These events often stir up controversy, as observers wonder whether the police chase itself does more harm to the public than good. Indeed, police must be very careful about initiating and continuing high-speed chases, lest they cause more damage than they prevent.

Police officials are currently investigating a high-speed chase incident that recently occurred near Miami Township in Clermont County, Ohio. Sources say a Friday afternoon police pursuit left five vehicles damaged and seven people injured. Local law enforcement officers had engaged in a high-speed pursuit with another vehicle; that vehicle ran over a spike strip that presumably burst that suspect's tires. This led to the pileup, which eventually came to include four other cars.

Seven people received non-life-threatening injuries in the case. Police have not stated what led them to begin the chase.

There is a question of liability in cases such as these. When a person is injured in a car accident, they have a right to sue to recover compensation from the negligent party or parties that contributed to their injury. In high-speed police chases that go wrong, many are left to wonder whether the police officials themselves are in some measure responsible for the outcome of the chase. It is a question that will undoubtedly be asked, evaluated and answered as the police investigation moves forward.

Source: WXIX-TV, "Police pursuit results in five-car crash" Paul McKibben, Jan. 10, 2014

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