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Springfield, Ohio, man injured in bicycle accident

On Oct. 1, state troopers say that a Buick Park Avenue struck a bicyclist in Moorefield Township Ohio. The accident occurred at approximately 3:30 p.m. along Ohio 4. A spokesman for the Ohio State Patrol's Springfield Post indicated that both the car and the bicycle were traveling in the same direction just prior to the accident, near the intersection of Mechanicsburg Road and Bosart Road.

For Ohio residents injured in a bicycle accident

Bicycling is recognized by the state of Ohio is legitimate means of transportation. According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, bicycling as a means of getting around is increasing in popularity throughout the state. However, due to the smaller size of bicycles, even the slightest contact with a motor vehicle can cause serious injuries and sometimes, even death.

Ohio bicycle accident statistics breakdown

Ohio residents are fortunate to live in a state that takes a serious view of traffic safety. Each year, the Ohio Department of Public Safety publishes a report of crash statistics related to all types of accidents including incidents between bicyclists and other vehicles. Here are some of the highlights of the latest compilation of bike crash statistics:

Alarming series of bicycle accidents in Cleveland, Ohio

An alarming trend is happening in Cleveland, Ohio, between motorists and bicyclists. A bike advocacy group called Bike Cleveland has reported that there were eight car versus bicycle collisions in June. The extent of the injuries to the bicyclists ranged from relatively minor to brain trauma and debilitating bone fractures. This recent spate of injuries comes on the heels of a fatal May accident wherein a 36-year-old mother of five kids perished.

Plea in fatal bike accident draws focus to proposed bike law

May is national Bike Month and in Ohio, a series of fatal car versus bicycle accidents have drawn focus to some tragic statistics. Numbers taken from the most recent data compiled by the Ohio Department of Public Safety indicate that there were 1,928 accidents involving cars and bicycles throughout the state in 2012. Of that number, 18 bicyclists died as a result of those collisions, while 1,525 were injured.

New million-dollar bike plan may lead to more bike accidents

It's official. On Wednesday, April 30, the Cincinnati City Council adopted Mayor John Cranley's $1.9 million bike plan by a 7-2 vote. The ordinance is designed to fund five major bike projects which hope to be up and running by this August. The lion's share of the funding will go toward establishing the Cincy Bike Share program, which is earmarked to receive $1.1 million. The remaining funds will then be divided up into four separate bike trails costing $200,000 each. The Mayor heralded the vote saying that it was a great day for bicyclists. He also claimed that the bike program would increase the quality of life for Cincinnati residents.

Ohio doctor sentenced after driving drunk, hitting bicyclist

Bicycle accidents are usually lead to some of the most serious injuries on the roadway. Bicyclists have little to protect them from the car or the road surface, apart from a helmet. The injuries suffered in a collision with a vehicle are often severe, and require significant medical treatment. As a result, many bicyclists who are hit by a motorist suffer from heavy medical bills, physical therapy costs and lost wages. Permanent physical disability is also a very real possibility.

Popular teacher killed in hit-and-run bike accident

Following an accident, there are a number of things that drivers, by law, are expected to do. First among these is to stop and notify authorities. This is something that every driver knows, yet sometimes, in the fear and the panic of a car accident, drivers sometimes attempt to flee the scene. Hit-and-run accidents are not only highly illegal, they are extremely dangerous to the victims, who may have suffered serious injuries and may be unable to call for help.

21-year-old bicyclist struck and killed on Ohio road

When a person gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, they accept certain responsibilities. By turning the key, drivers attest that they will drive carefully and responsibly, and they will pay close attention to their surroundings. Failure to uphold this responsibility, even for a few seconds, can result in a tragic accident.

Ohio woman killed in bicycle accident

When biking on our nation's roadways, bicyclists face unique challenges and dangers. Sharing the road with cars and trucks is risky, because bicycles are much more difficult to spot than motorists. Often, after a car and bicycle accident, drivers will claim that they simply "didn't see" the bicyclist. Furthermore, bicyclists have no defense or protection when they are struck by cars, meaning the injuries sustained in such a collision are often serious, or even fatal.

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