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Impaired Driving Awareness: About More Than Alcohol, Drugs

The holiday season brings out the worst in driving behavior. Mix winter conditions with stressed out drivers - many of whom have been drinking alcohol - and you have a recipe for a bad accident.

The importance of experts in drunk driving accident lawsuits

In a previous blog post we discussed the differences between economic and noneconomic damages under Ohio law. Currently, victims of drunk driving accidents have little difficulty in recovering economic damages. Basically, victims can usually receive compensation for expenses which are verifiable through documentation such as paycheck stubs, medical bills, etc.

What can I sue for in Ohio if I was hit by a drunk driver?

Ohio has made tremendous progress towards increasing public awareness about drunk driving and reducing the amount of those types of accidents on our roads. Unfortunately, there are still far too many reckless individuals who choose to drink and then get behind the wheel. The accidents they cause creates untold misery among their victims and often leave them with thousands of dollars in unexpected expenses.

Rome, Ohio man gets 7 years for fatal OVI accident

On Aug. 28, a Rome, Ohio, man received a seven-year prison sentence for his role in a drunk driving collision that killed a Toledo, Ohio, woman earlier this year. According to prosecutors, the defendant was intoxicated and speeding last Feb. 14 when his SUV struck the rear of the victim's car as she waited for a stop light.

Proposed law sparks debate in preventing drunk driving accidents

A proposed resolution now making its way through to the Ohio Statehouse takes a new view on how to prevent drunk drivers from taking the road. HB 469, "Annie's Law", is a new proposal sponsored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving which would require the installation of an ignition interlock device into the vehicles of any person convicted of drunk driving. The ignition interlock device is essentially a Breathalyzer machine designed to disrupt the ignition mechanism of a car once it detects the odor of alcohol. The contraption is usually installed near the driver's seat and intended for the driver to blow into it before it will allow the car to start.

Mock drunk driving accident hopes to spur caution among teens

On May 22, the Ohio State Highway Patrol conducted a mock crash drill at Indian Creek High School in Wintersville, Ohio. The troopers worked in conjunction with multiple first responders to give high school kids a sobering look at what a drunk driving accident might look like in real life.

Woman involved in drunk driving accident tries to escape police

Last Thursday, Lockland, Ohio, police say that a woman had her 3-year-old boy in a vehicle with her when she had an accident and fled from officers in a booze-fueled attempt to avoid arrest. According to a Lockland city official, the incident began shortly after 5:30 p.m. when the 30-year-old woman headed north on I-75, speeding from the scene of an accident. Two Lockland police officers then spotted her vehicle and gave chase to the woman who was ironically attempting to get away in gray Ford Escape. Officers say that they pursued the woman for perhaps a mile before she encountered heavy traffic and eventually gave up. One officer speculated that a couple of tractor-trailer operators noticed the woman's erratic driving and boxed her in, allowing police to apprehend her.

Amish buggy struck in drunk driving accident, 1 dead

Ohio is home to a number of Amish buggy drivers. These buggies are subject to certain laws that help to ensure the safety of both riders and motorists. Buggies must bear reflective markers, for example, to ensure that they are highly visible, even at night. Those who obey these regulations have the same rights to share the road as any driver, bicyclist or pedestrian.

Popular Cincinnati schoolteacher killed by hit-and-run driver

When a driver makes the choice to drink and drive, he places everyone else on the road at risk. Though we often think of drunk driving accidents as occurring between two motor vehicles, the fact is, pedestrians and bicyclists are at even greater risk than motorists.

Fatal drunk driving crash leads to 8 year prison sentence

This week, a woman was sentenced to an 8-year prison term for her role in the drunk driving death of a 36-year-old Ohio woman. The incident occurred on Independence Day of 2013. The 36-year-old woman was driving an SUV on U.S. Route 50 when she was struck nearly head-on by the intoxicated woman.

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