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General motorcycle tips on avoiding personal injury

Riding a motorcycle is arguably one of the most liberating experiences an individual can have. Ironically, some of the qualities of motorcycle riding that makes it so exhilarating are also some of its most dangerous liabilities. Simply put, motorcycles are not equipped with many of the safety devices that we take for granted in cars, trucks and SUVs. There are no seat belts to prevent a motorcyclist from being thrown from his or her bike during the collision. There are also no airbags that can deploy to engulf a motorcyclist in a protective cocoon.

Age of motorcycle rider matters little in personal injury cases

If you are a licensed Ohio motorcyclist, then you probably know a lot about personal safety issues due to state-required motorcycle safety classes. For example, you probably know that it's much safer to ride only during daylight hours while wearing a Department of Transportation approved helmet. You also probably already know that staying out of vehicle's blind spots and keeping a sharp lookout for cars traveling alongside you are sound safety practices.

Hit-and-run causes personal injury to Ohio motorcyclist

The Ohio Highway Patrol says that a 15-year-old boy is lucky to be alive after the dirt bike he was riding was struck from behind by a pickup truck. Authorities say the Aug. 19 crash occurred in Cherry Valley, Ohio, and may not have been an accident.

Economists: Repealing motorcycle helmet law boosts organ harvest

The universal motorcycle helmet law debate has a new talking point after a study concluded that organ donation increases 10 percent after a helmet law is repealed. The motorcycle helmet study reads, in part:

Firefighter amputee undaunted by motorcycle accident

It's hard enough being a firefighter. There's heavy hoses to uncoil and steep ladders to climb. Now just imagine doing all that activity while missing part of your leg. That's exactly what a typical day is for a Franklin firefighter after he suffered in motorcycle accident that threatened to take away his livelihood.

Poorly timed left turn may have caused fatal motorcycle accident

This last weekend has been deadly for motorcyclists in Ohio. Three people died from motorcycle accidents on Saturday, June 8. According to the Ohio State Police, one of those deaths occurred in Portage Township, Ohio, around 10:45 p.m. Police say that a Boardman, Ohio, man was riding a motorcycle along with a passenger when they collided with a pickup truck that pulled out in front of them.

Columbus, Ohio, man dies after motorcycle accident

Spring is the time when many motorcycle aficionados dust off their leathers and prepare to take a fun ride on their motorcycles to a scenic destination. For others, motorcycling is nothing more than a more economical means of travel. Regardless of the motivations, motorists in cars, trucks and SUVs need to be aware that soon a lot more of their two-wheeled brothers will be joining them on Ohio roads.

Motorcyclists rear-ended by state trooper

As motorists, we trust that law enforcement officials will work hard to secure our safety on the road. After all, they're tasked with preventing unsafe and irresponsible behavior behind the wheel. It's almost unthinkable, then, that a state trooper could rear-end a motorcycle on the highway. In a recent accident, however, that's exactly what happened.

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