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Help For Those Hurt on Interstate 71

I-71 is one of the main corridors running north and south through Ohio. As a result, it is one of the most highly trafficked highways in the state. However, the volume of traffic alone is not the only reason why so many motor vehicle accidents happen on I-71. The following factors also play a role:

Only two lanes: I-71 has not grown as traffic has increased over the years. For the most part, it is only two lanes. This leads to substantial congestion and frequent stops. Distracted drivers may cause rear-end collisions when traffic grinds to a halt.

Construction: On any given day, it seems as though there is work being done somewhere on I-71. This leads to further obstacles and slowdowns.

Out-of-state drivers: Many of the vehicles on I-71 are driven by drivers from out of state. Truck drivers pass through constantly, as well as vacationers en route to other states. Their lack of familiarity with the highway and its traffic patterns can lead to auto accidents.

At Rittgers & Rittgers, we understand the variety of causes of car and truck accidents on I-71 in Ohio. Over the course of the last 30-plus years, many of the victims of these motor vehicle accidents have turned to our attorneys for help. Our Cincinnati attorneys are proud of the fact that we have recovered millions of dollars for these people, and we are ready to help you get the money you need to move forward with your life.

Our lawyers handle Interstate 71 accidents of all types, including:

We also handle all other dangerous highway accidents, including crashes on I-74 and I-75.

Contact Us for a Consultation With a Cincinnati Personal Injury Attorney

Contact our Ohio personal injury law firm for a consultation. Please call 513-496-0134. We have offices in Cincinnati, Lebanon and West Chester for your convenience.


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