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Help For Injured Motorcyclists

Motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in head injuries. This is simply because motorcyclists do not have the protection provided by other vehicles. The only buffer they have against an impact is a helmet, and there is no guarantee that even that will prevent brain injuries. Even with a helmet, the brain can bounce against the inside of the skull, resulting in what is referred to as a closed head injury.

What if the victim was not wearing a helmet? In Ohio, motorcycle riders are not required to wear helmets, so the lack of a helmet does not prevent the victim from seeking compensation if he or she was hit by a negligent driver. Action can be taken.

Did you suffer a head injury? You need good legal counsel.
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At Rittgers Rittgers & Nakajima, our Cincinnati attorneys bring more than 30 years of experience to cases involving head injuries caused by motorcycle accidents. We understand the complications involved in these cases, and know how to overcome every challenge presented. Our attorneys have helped motorcycle crash victims recover settlements reaching hundreds of thousands — and even millions — of dollars.

One of the biggest challenges in motorcycle accident brain injury claims is the perception that many people have about motorcyclists. Motorcycle riders are often seen in a negative light. Presumptions are made about them being dangerous. When we bring these claims to trial, we take great care to make certain that juries understand that not all motorcyclists are thrill-seekers who are flirting with danger. We make certain our legal strategy is sound and designed to obtain full compensation.

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