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Was the Truck Company to Blame for an Accident?

At Rittgers Rittgers & Nakajima, our more than 30 years of experience has taught us that our investigation of a truck accident should cover more than just current events, but the trucking company’s history as well.

Trucking companies must be licensed through the U.S. Department of Transportation. The Department of Transportation tracks safety records and notes all violations. Too many violations could lead to a trucking company being shut down.

During the course of our investigation of these cases, our Cincinnati trucking company negligence lawyers frequently find that the business we are currently investigating was once operating under a different name, until it was shut down by the Department of Transportation. It simply created a chameleon business using the same staff and fleet, and continued to endanger the lives of others on the road until it caused another truck accident. We hold these businesses accountable, and we are proud that we do.

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When determining whether negligence took place, our attorneys look at the trucking company’s hiring practices. If we determine that faulty hiring practices led to truck drivers being hired who had records of accidents and safety violations, we will make sure the employer pays for putting a dangerous driver on the road.

Our investigation also will include a review of the semi-truck’s electronic control module, referred to as the black box. This records information about speed, braking and number of hours of operation. It can tell a lot about not only the truck driver, but also the habits of the trucking company. We encourage you to move quickly, because the trucking company may tamper with or destroy the black box if a claim is not filed soon.

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