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Grieving the Loss or Injury of a Child

One of the worst pains a parent can endure is losing a child or dealing with the feelings that come when a child is seriously injured. Having a compassionate attorney by your side can help you achieve justice and compensation that can help your child with the healing process or help you financially while you recover from a wrongful death situation.

At Rittgers & Rittgers, we are a family-owned firm and here to help your family in any way we can. Our Cincinnati attorneys take the time to listen to our clients and help attend to their needs during this traumatic time. We understand the sensitive nature of a child injury case.

For more information about how we can help you, we encourage you to contact us to schedule a consultation at our offices in Lebanon, West Chester and downtown Cincinnati.

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Grieving the Loss or Injury of a Child

We can help you through the grieving process while helping you navigate the legal pathways to obtaining compensation if your child is injured or has died because of the negligence of another party. While it is natural to say you should have been there or you should have been paying more attention, it is unnatural to solely blame yourself when others are at fault. Our Ohio child death lawyers can put you in touch with help lines and counseling centers such as Fernside or the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Grief and Bereavement Program.

Permanent injuries to a child have more impact than those to adults because it can impact the rest of their lives and limit their potential. We take this into account when valuing a claim for children. We make sure to factor this in when fighting for our clients in settlement negotiations and when we take cases to trial.

Our law firm works with medical experts, economists, rehabilitation therapists and others to determine the long-term costs of an injury to a child. Contact us if your child has suffered a serious injury or has passed away because of the negligence of another. We offer consultations to discuss your needs and our services.

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