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Failure to Follow Care Plans and Monitor

One of the biggest causes of nursing home injuries is when nursing home staff fails to follow care plans and monitor residents.

A care plan is the Cincinnati nursing home’s road map for care of a particular resident. It will identify risks and needs specific to each patient. A care plan is often created after family members discuss care of their loved one with doctors and other personnel.

A care plan will include information such as:

  • Physical conditions the patient has, such as diabetes or neuropathy
  • Psychological conditions the patient has, like Alzheimer’s or dementia
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • If the patient needs routine blood-sugar monitoring
  • If the resident is a fall risk and needs mobility assistance
  • If the resident needs assistance eating
  • If the patient has a proclivity to wander off
  • Any special instructions to keep the resident happy and healthy

Experienced Cincinnati Legal Help for Nursing Home Abuse

Sadly, nursing homes sometimes disregard resident care plans. Many Ohio live-in care facilities are plagued by understaffing, hiring of unqualified staff, failing to supervise and high employee turnover. All of these factors increase the chance that aspects of a patient’s care plan will not be followed and his or her health will not be properly monitored.

If you suspect that failure to follow a care plan has caused your loved one serious injury, wrongful death or a rapid deterioration in health, the Cincinnati nursing home attorneys at Rittgers Rittgers & Nakajima can help. For a consultation, call 513-496-0134 or email us.

Signs That a Nursing Home Care Plan Is Not Being Followed

There are many indicators that a care plan is not being followed, but it is often difficult to know with complete certainty. Some signs of nursing home neglect are obvious, such as bedsores, while others may be subtle — even when they cause serious harm.

A skilled nursing home injuries lawyer can help you uncover evidence of neglect, abuse or mistreatment. This may involve the use of expert witness-doctors, internal nursing home documents, or even audio/video evidence recorded by security cameras or hidden recording devices. For more information, visit our page Difficulty In Proving Nursing Home Neglect.

Get Nursing Home Lawsuit Advice From A Cincinnati Lawyer

The lawyers at Rittgers Rittgers & Nakajima have been recognized as some of the top attorneys in Ohio and the Cincinnati area. We conveniently serve victims and families through our offices in Lebanon, West Chester and Cincinnati. For a consultation with one of our skilled nursing home neglect lawyers, call 513-496-0134.



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