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Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

The last thing any family member wants to worry about is that a loved one is being abused by the facility that was meant to offer protection and care. Evidence of abuse is not always easy to see and staff may try to blame the resident on being accident-prone, weak, frail or difficult. However, there are some specific things you should know regarding evidence of nursing home abuse.

At Rittgers & Rittgers, we understand how sensitive the topic of nursing home abuse is and we believe that holding facilities accountable for the actions of their staff is a priority. Our clients and their loved ones come first. We have more than 30 years of experience helping people throughout southern Ohio.

Think your elderly loved one is being abused? You need good legal counsel.
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Our Cincinnati nursing home neglect attorneys can help you assess the situation to see if abuse is occurring and what action can be taken.

For instance:

  • Did breaks occur because of rough handling or abuse?
  • Are bedsores the result of lack of handling and neglect?
  • Is the death certificate vague or state injuries that were not reported?
  • Have you noticed unusual bruising or other injuries that your relative does not want to talk about?
  • Have you observed behavior by nursing home staff or employees that makes you concerned?
  • Have other residents complained or mentioned anything to you?
  • Has your loved one seen an increase in unusual hospital visits or doctor’s appointments?

Signs of nursing home abuse can be overt, but sometimes they are not easy to detect because the staff can say they were the result of accidents. If you are suspicious, there are different steps you can take to investigate and we can help you pursue a case for compensation for the injuries your loved one has suffered.

Get Help If You Recognize The Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse

If you need help exploring your rights and options regarding nursing home abuse, contact Rittgers & Rittgers today and tell us about your situation. Our lawyers represent clients in Butler, Warren and Hamilton counties, as well as the surrounding areas of southwestern Ohio, and we have offices in Lebanon, Cincinnati and West Chester.

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