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Injuries That Are Often Invisible: Brain Injuries

Especially with a closed head injury, when there is no obvious bleeding, a brain injury can be undiagnosed for some time after an accident. A primary physician is likely to miss the diagnosis because it takes observation over time for the brain injury to be noticed.

Did a loved one suffer a brain injury? You need good legal counsel.
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At the Rittgers & Rittgers law firm, our personal injury attorneys understand the frustrations and concerns that brain injuries can cause for the victim as well as for the family. From offices in Lebanon, West Chester and downtown Cincinnati, we serve clients throughout southwest Ohio.

Friends and Relatives are Usually the First to Notice the Symptoms

Days or weeks after a car accident, a slip-and-fall accident or amusement park accident, family members may begin to notice problems such as short-term memory loss or sudden mood changes. It may take time before they seek an evaluation from a specialist.

If you suspect a brain injury, talk to a doctor and to a personal injury lawyer. At our law firm, we can explain the evaluation process, and we can help you deal with the insurance claims. It is important not to settle a claim with an insurance company until you have a clear understanding of the injuries and what those injuries will cost in terms of medical bills and long-term care and therapy.

Any type of accident can cause a brain injury. Even when wearing a helmet in a bicycle accident or motorcycle accident, the sudden shaking of the brain inside the skull can cause a closed head brain injury.

Learn More in Your Consultation

If a loved one was in an accident and begins showing the symptoms of brain injury, seek immediate medical and legal help. Contact us by calling 513-932-2115 for a consultation. Our lawyers represent clients in Butler, Warren and Hamilton counties and the surrounding parts of southwestern Ohio.

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"My husband and I were in a horrible head on collision a year ago. The driver nor his parents had no insurance. We didn’t have a clue what to do. My husband talked to another firm, but I wasn’t sure, they just stuff in the mail to look at. We needed someone to talk about our situation. So we looked into Rittgers & Rittgers, Barb called us back promptly and explained what and how we needed to proceed and we felt very comfortable with her and her staff. I’m so glad we used Rittgers & Rittgers firm. Barb and Lynda were so friendly, helpful and nice every time we talked. If not for them we’d be paying on medical bills etc., forever. So we recommend them highly." - Sue Stanley
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