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The Value of a Case Depends on Many Factors

Our personal injury attorneys often talk to people who have been injured, but they are concerned about getting a fair settlement from the insurance company. They wonder whether the effort is worth it — especially when an insurance adjuster tells them they are not entitled to coverage or that coverage will be minimal.

If you are the victim of a serious injury, you need good legal counsel.
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The first step in finding out what your case is worth is to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. The insurance adjuster is interested in saving the insurance company’s money. At the Rittgers & Rittgers law firm, we are focused on getting you all the compensation you need and deserve. From offices in Lebanon, West Chester and downtown Cincinnati, we represent clients throughout southwestern Ohio.

Our law firm’s attorneys have helped people with personal injury and wrongful death claims for all types of accidents for more than 30 years. We know how much a settlement should be — and we fight for that settlement because we know that our clients need that money.

  • What was the extent of the injury? If the injury will heal in a few weeks, then the injury does not require the same level of compensation as a spinal cord injury or brain injury — injuries that can affect the victim for a lifetime.
  • How has the injury affected your life? After some injuries, the healing process is complete fairly quickly, and the fully recovered person can return to work, school and their daily lifestyle without any further problems. Other injuries can mean multiple surgeries and a lifetime of care. Even some seemingly nonserious injuries can bring on early arthritis and other chronic ailments.
  • Did the injury cause a disability or a change in employment? An injury may prevent someone from returning to work. That person may need occupational therapy, job retraining, or may never be able to work again. Physical and mental scarring can cause serious social and psychological damage.
  • How much pain and suffering did the accident cause? Different types of injuries cause differing levels and lengths of pain. Suffering is difficult to describe, but it can be devastating — the worry about the injury and what it will do to one’s life. This includes the loss of self worth that can come from the inability to work or live the life you and your family expected.

To learn more about what money is recoverable in Ohio accident lawsuits, visit our page What Damages Are Recoverable In My Injury Case?.

Learn How We Can Help

As personal injury lawyers, it is our job to determine a monetary value for all the damage your accident injuries have caused, and present a compelling case to the insurance company or to a jury. Contact us for a consultation by calling 513-932-2115.

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