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I-75 Tire Accident Shows That Danger Can Come From Anywhere

by | Jun 20, 2013 | Car Accidents

A couple was travelling in the middle lane on Interstate 75 North when death stared them down in the unusual form of a tire bouncing across the expressway. The front tire came off a pickup truck on I-75 South, bounced over the divider and right into the path of driver Michael Ramey and his passenger, Alesha Monk. Ramey couldn’t avoid the object and it struck the roof on the driver’s side.

Ramey suffered life-threatening head injuries, but Monk thought fast and helped navigate the car to safety from the passenger seat. Ramey is in a coma at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where he received emergency brain surgery. His list of injuries include: a fractured skull, brain trauma and broken facial bones. Monk said that Ramey is a fighter and believes he will recover from this horrible accident.

While it’s rare for a tire to completely eject, tire blowouts are frighteningly common. When a defective or worn tire is driven on a busy road like I-75, the danger reaches all vehicles in the nearby area, even those driving in the opposite direction.

When a defective tire causes harm to others, there are a variety of potentially liable parties. The driver of the car with the dangerous tire, the tire manufacturer, and the mechanic or service station that installed or maintained the wheel may have acted negligently.

If you’ve been seriously injured, an experienced Cincinnati car accident attorney can help you sort through these legal issues and examine your right to recover money damages.

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