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Protecting People Accused Of Domestic Violence

Ohio has mandatory arrest provisions for domestic disturbances. If police officers are called to the scene of a domestic dispute, someone will be arrested. This arrest is based upon the split-second evaluation of police officers, who generally have very limited knowledge of the entire situation, and therefore frequently make mistakes.

At the law firm of Rittgers & Rittgers in Warren County, Ohio, we provide aggressive criminal defense representation for people accused of domestic violence or assault. The firm has successfully handled numerous domestic violence cases. With more than 200 years of combined experience, our criminal defense attorneys have the knowledge and skill necessary to effectively handle these cases.

Call Rittgers & Rittgers at 513-932-2115 to schedule an initial consultation regarding domestic violence defense.

The state of Ohio has taken a strong position on family violence, resulting in overzealous prosecution of these claims. Even people who are clearly not guilty are frequently charged and prosecuted — often against the wishes of the alleged victim.

Because the government takes such an aggressive approach to prosecuting these cases, it is particularly important to work with an experienced defense lawyer.

As a result of our extensive experience handling criminal defense matters in Warren County, our attorneys are able to effectively negotiate with prosecutors. We understand the likely outcomes of these cases, and can use this knowledge to the advantage of our clients.

Many domestic violence cases are resolved through plea bargaining, but sometimes accepting a plea bargain is not the best option. When necessary, our experience allows us to effectively present cases to judges and juries.

When you don’t know where to turn, we are here to help. To discuss your representation with one of our experienced criminal defense lawyers at our Cincinnati, Lebanon and Oxford, contact our firm by calling 513-932-2115.

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Father Charged with Domestic Violence (M1). Faced Six Months in Jail: Three independent witnesses called the police after an incident between a father and his 10 year old son. The witnesses claimed that the father hit his son multiple times in the face and head. The prosecutor refused to offer any plea bargain other than a guilty plea to Domestic Violence. Following a jury trial, our client was found NOT GUILTY.

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