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Protecting The Rights Of College Students – Miami University

Miami University students frequently appear in the Butler County Area I Court after being arrested by one of the five-or-so agencies that patrol the University (City of Oxford Police, Miami University Police, Oxford Township Police, Butler County Sheriff’s Office, and the Ohio State Highway Patrol). The crimes vary from minor misdemeanors, to serious felonies-from underage drinking, to burglary, to sexual assault-all of which can have major consequences for a student’s future.

The criminal case is often just the beginning for a Miami student: a University discipline case is not far behind. The local police agencies are subject to Ohio public records request laws that ensures that all police reports involving students are forwarded to Miami. The University discipline cases often involve consequences as serious-if not more serious-than the related criminal charges.

Our Oxford, Ohio-based attorneys Neal Schuett, , and spend every day advocating for and advising college students. Each member of our Oxford team either teaches or has taught at Miami University, and is therefore very well-versed in the interplay between the legal and University processes.

After a Miami University student is charged, the student will be given a summons to appear in court. At the initial appearance-which is the first time they appear in Oxford’s Area I Court-the accused should enter a not-guilty plea and ask for a continuance to retain counsel. Do not “just plead guilty to ‘get it over with’.” A member of our Oxford team can then schedule a pretrial conference with the prosecutor to discuss the merits of the case. Often a negotiated plea, or entry into a Diversion Program, can be worked out; however, each case is unique and the outcome is dependent upon its individual merits.

At the same time, our Oxford team can evaluate the related Miami University Discipline issue and attend any hearings at the University with you.

Get Help Now With College Student Offenses

If your son or daughter is charged, and you are at a loss as to what to do, hire a member of our Oxford team to help navigate the criminal justice system in Oxford Area I Court. Initial consultations are free; let us help your Miami student get back on course to a successful college career. You can speak with a staff member at either our Cincinnati, Lebanon and Oxford offices by calling 513-932-2115. We are also available via email.

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College students have an incredible opportunity to set themselves up for a better future. They also face new challenges and risks that can derail that future. At Rittgers & Rittgers, we represent Miami University students who have been arrested or charged with crimes, as well as those facing code violations and disciplinary proceedings. Call us today at 513-932-2115 to learn more. College Student Offenses

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