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Charles M. Rittgers, Ellen B. Rittgers, Charles H. Rittgers, and Matt Nakajima
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Giving Back to the Community

Charles M. and Ellen B. Rittgers at Ohio Innocence Project fundraiser
Firm injury attorneys participating in a phone drive for a statewide organization
Charles M Rittgers and Lindsay Lawrence volunteering for the Freestore Foodbank
Presents being organized to donate at Christmas for local charity
Firm members next to presents going to a local abuse and crisis shelter at Christmas

Learn More About Our Community Efforts

This page does not contain a comprehensive list of the community efforts our firm has made. We are always looking to help our local community and give back in new ways. If you would like to learn about our volunteer efforts or have us sponsor your upcoming events, please contact us. You can reach us by calling 513-496-0134 or using the contact form.