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In The News

Judge approves distribution of 4,850,000 settlement for motorist killed by police. – Judge Ralph Winkler agreed with attorney recommendation assigning each of the 13 children of Samuel Dubose $217,816, $90,000 to his mother, $25,000 to his father, and $32,000 to each of his six siblings.


Case Summary: Konrad Kircher represented the Administrator of the Estate of Samuel Dubose and crafted an equitable distribution of $4,850,000 settlement proceeds which was approved by the Hamilton County Probate Court. In reacting to the approval, Konrad commented that he “hoped the settlement helps the family. Everyone needs closure, everyone needs the healing. I think this is the opportunity now, the judge set the right tone for that.”


Ohio woman who slipped on collapsed ‘wet floor’ sign at casino awarded $3M – “A Hamilton County jury found that Jack Casino failed to “use ordinary care” and failed to maintain a safe environment, resulting in Sadowski’s injury.”

– / Local Fox19

Case Summary: W. Matt Nakajima and Charles M. Rittgers represented a 69 year old woman who suffered a fractured knee cap after falling on a trip hazard at Jack Casino. After turning down a $25,000.00 offer, Charlie and Matt took the case to trial and obtained a record breaking verdict.

Teen Not Guilty of Murder Charge. “Lance Tiernan, 18, was sentenced in August to 54 days in jail on an involuntary manslaughter conviction in the 2011 death of Anthony Parker. Tiernan originally was charged with murder, which carries a life sentence. But jurors found that he did not mean to seriously harm Parker and convicted him of the lesser charge.”

– Dayton Daily News

Case Summary: Charles M. Rittgers and Nicholas Graman represented a local teen accused of murder who was tried as an adult despite being seventeen at the time of the offense. The jury unanimously returned a not guilty verdict on the murder charge. The teen was convicted of a lesser charge and sentenced to probation and another 54 days in jail.

“Nascar Driver Taking Antidrug Message on the Road: Facing a possible one-year jail sentence if convicted of the felony, Fike and his lawyer, Charlie Rittgers, put together a proposal in which Fike promised to speak and pass out information at schools, racetracks and other places. The county prosecutor agreed to reduce the felony charge to a misdemeanor, and Fike was sentenced to two years of probation.”

– New York Times

Case Summary: After facing felony drug charges that jeopardized Fike’s racing career and carried potential jail time, Fike was able to plea to a misdemeanor and only received probation, in exchange for work on a national anti-drug campaign.

Defective Product Wrongful Death. “The death of a 6-year-old student at a Lebanon school has led to a new law that will hopefully keep other students safe.

– ABC News / Local WCPO

Case Summary: A vibrant, young 6-year-old boy was crushed by a large and dangerous school cafeteria table while attending an after school daycare program. Rittgers and Rittgers and co-counsel attorney Douglas Suter helped pass Jared’s Law in honor of our client who was killed by a defective product. The after-school program, the school, and the table manufacturer each settled the case under confidential terms.

“Indian Hill Doctor Charged With Child Endangering: A local doctor is charged with child endangering after allegedly locking his two daughters in a Porsche.”

– ABC News / Local WCPO

Case Summary: Police found the Defendant’s two and four-year-old girls in his Porsche outside the Deerfield Township Lowe’s. A deputy broke out a window, and the girls were okay, but child endangering charges were filed. The Defendant hired Rittgers and Rittgers and the case ended up being dismissed.

Widmer Attorney Asks for New Trial. “Widmer’s attorney, Charlie Rittgers, said in the motion that a member of the jury, Jon Campbell, had contacted him to say that some jurors had conducted their own experiments at home to determine how quickly a body would air-dry after leaving the bathtub.”

– NBC News

Case Summary: After a multi-week jury trial and two day jury deliberation, Ryan Widmer was unanimously acquitted of aggravated murder, but was convicted of murder for the drowning death of his wife in the bathtub. In post-trial briefs Charlie Rittgers successfully argued that Widmer was entitled to a new trial after numerous jurors came forward stating that improper juror experiments had impacted their decision in the case.

Ohio Motorcycle Death. “A man was injured and his granddaughter was killed Monday afternoon in a Clinton County motorcycle crash. A trooper said a pickup towing a camper pulled out in front of the motorcycle just after noon near the intersection of Ohio highway 22 and George Road.”

– WLWT News 5

Case Summary: A truck failed to yield at a stop sign and struck a motorcycle. Our client suffered a broken femur and injuries to his pelvis and his granddaughter was killed in the crash. The law firm of Rittgers & Rittgers represented the injured man against the at-fault driver and his insurance company. The case settled before trial.

No Indictment In Mason Shotgun Death. “A Warren County grand jury declined to issue an indictment for murder against Timothy Sparks, the husband of a Mason woman shot to death on March 30 at their home.”

“He’s lived with this cloud of suspicion,” lawyer Charles Rittgers said. “He can get on with his life and get on with mourning her death.”

– Dayton Daily News

Case Summary: Our client was wrestling a shotgun away from his depressed wife – he believed the gun was unloaded – when it accidentally discharged. A grand jury decided to not indict him for murder. Prosecutor closed the case, absent new evidence.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit for Drowning Death. “NASHVILLE, Tenn.– A day of summer fun ended in a tragedy Sunday. A 7-year-old boy died while swimming at the Donelson-Hermitage YMCA. The young boy was identified as Christian Gordon, who was from Ohio but was spending the summer with his dad in Nashville.”

– WLWT News 5

Case Summary: An Ohio youth, Christian Gordon, tragically drown in a Tennessee YMCA pool while visiting his father in Nashville. Changes were made with YMCA lifeguard personnel and swimming pool procedure and the wrongful death case was settled under a confidentiality agreement.

Police said two suspects are in the Warren County Jail accused of robbing a Lebanon discount store. Police said the pair robbed the Dollar General store on Columbus Avenue on Wednesday night. Officers said they stopped a car matching the description of the robbers, and said they found a handgun and money inside.”


Case Summary: After hiring Rittgers and Rittgers, the Defendant plead to a reduced charge of tampering with evidence and did not receive any jail time.

“By settling federal sexual-harassment lawsuits against an ex-Warren County judge, five current and former Warren County employees can move ahead without publicly dredging up distasteful details in a trial, a lawyer in the case says… Five employees, including Rittgers’ four clients, settled Tuesday. “It saves our clients the ugliness of exposing this dirty segment of their employment,” Rittgers said.

– Cincinnati Enquirer

Case Summary: A Warren County Judge was accused by nine of his employees of sexual harassment. The firm of Rittgers and Rittgers represented eight of those nine employees against the judge who was eventually removed from office as a result of the allegations. The judge and the county government paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle the case.

Oh, My Bod. Firefighter Looks Hot in Mugshot: Cole, who is married and the father of three, pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges of drunken driving, public indecency and disorderly conduct.

– The New York Post

Case Summary: After pleading to reduced charges, the Defendant only had to attend a three day alcohol program.

“A 16-year-old Loveland junior charged in a crash that killed a mother and her unborn son can start conditioning for the upcoming football season this week, a judge said as he released the boy from juvenile detention Monday.”

– Cincinnati Enquirer

Case Summary: One day after obtaining his driver’s license, the Defendant drove left of center killing a woman and her unborn child. Prior to the crash the Defendant had smoked marijuana. Charged with Aggravated Vehicular Homicide, the Defendant faced a mandatory lifetime license revocation and incarceration until the age 21. After a trial, the Defendant was sentenced to a Treatment Program for Juveniles and is eligible to obtain a driver’s license in the future.

“Warren County prosecutors dropped 15 counts of sexual battery against [a 59 year old man] who was accused of having sex with the 14-year-old girl in 2004, and allowed him to plead no contest to a single charge of felonious assault. The plea agreement outraged the girl’s mother, who said she was told by prosecutors that the case was too shaky to take to trial. ‘It ain’t right at all,’ Annette Cavins, of Morrow, said outside the courtroom, ‘It’s just a smack on the hand because he’s got a title, he’s got a status in the community and he’s got money to pay for a good lawyer.'”

– Cincinnati Enquirer

Case Summary: After negotiations between Charlie Rittgers and the prosecutor’s office, the Defendant plead to one count of felonious assault and was sentenced to one day in jail and five years of community control (probation).

Mayor Accused Of Inappropriate Touching Will Stand Trial. “Although it’s a third-degree misdemeanor, it’s a serious offense given you have reporting requirements and sexual registration requirements if you’re convicted,” said Charlie M. Rittgers, who is representing Verga in the case. “If he’s guilty of anything, he’s guilty of making inappropriate comment.”

– Dayton Daily News

Case Summary: A local mayor was charged with sexual battery after one of his clerks accused him of touching her butt and stating “I reserve the right to touch your butt” while continuing the touching. While the case was pending he was charged with two counts of violating a protection order and three counts of intimidation of a witness. A jury found him not guilty on all charges except for a single violating a protection order charge. The conviction was later overturned in the court of appeals.

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