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$7 Million Settlement

Delivery Truck Accident

A man was seriously injured when a teenage delivery driver was not paying attention to the road and struck our client as he was removing luggage from the trunk of his vehicle after he pulled over to the side of the road. By engaging accident reconstruction experts, a lighting expert, and a nationally recognized lifecare planner…

$5 Million Settlement

Truck Driver At-Fault for Wrongful Death

A family lost a loving husband and father when a truck driver acted careless and needlessly endangered the lives of all Ohio drivers. The insurance company that insured the truck explored numerous avenues to escape its responsibility to pay the full value of the case…

$3 Million Settlement

Landscape Truck

A young boy was killed after a landscape truck ran him over in the street. The insurance company claimed the child “darted out” in front of the driver. We established the company failed to follow commercial trucking safety regulations and reconstructed the crash which prompted a settlement for the full policy limits of $3 million…

Not Guilty Verdict

Murder, Involuntary Manslaughter, Child Endangerment

Our client was facing a mandatory life sentence and accused of killing her newborn child and burying her in the backyard. The case involved a false confession coerced as a result of the controversial interrogation method known as the Reid Technique…

No Charges Filed

Rape Accusation

Our client was accused of rape after a friendship he had with a woman turned romantic. After a night of drinking and sex in downtown Cincinnati, the woman claimed she was forcibly raped. The woman had often expressed guilt when flirting with our client because of having a boyfriend…

Not Guilty Verdict

Underage Possession and Consumption

After being found in a bathroom with her highly intoxicated friend, our client admitted to drinking when she was questioned by the police. Despite her admission to consuming alcohol, attorney Nicholas Graman successfully argued that there was no proof the consumption occurred…