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Asiana Plane Crash Survivors Suffering From Spinal Injuries

The recent crash of an Asiana jet in San Francisco shocked the nation. Two of the 307 passengers died in the accident, and many more were injured. The plane crash inflicted great force to the upper bodies of the passengers, who were first flung forward, then backward over their lap belts. Most of the serious injuries involve spinal cord trauma to the neck and back.

Doctors have been working to minimize the crash’s effect on the spines of these patients, but they suffered crushed vertebrae and severe stretching of ligaments in their neck and back. Paralysis remains a primary concern with many of these victims. Even when a spinal injury victim avoids paralysis, they may suffer a variety of permanent problems, including severe pain, loss of sensation and mobility.

Although San Francisco is nearly 2,400 miles from Cincinnati, the Asiana jet crash hit close to home for many Ohioans. Ohio is the birthplace of aviation, and the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport has hosted nearly 400,000 passengers so far this year. It’s important that all the reasons for the Asiana crash are uncovered so that a similar disaster doesn’t occur in the Buckeye State.

If you or a loved one is injured in an Ohio airport or flight, it’s important to assess your legal options before accepting an injury offer or settlement. An experienced Cincinnati personal injury attorney can help you explore your options so that you’re fully compensated for the total harm.

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