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Motorcyclist Killed By Car In Highland County

A 52-year-old Lynchburg man was killed Friday morning when the driver of a passenger vehicle failed to yield to him. The victim was riding his Harley Davidson on U.S. 50 near the intersection of Danville Road when the accident occurred.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP), the driver of a 2013 Chevrolet Sonic stopped at the stop sign, but failed to yield to the motorcycle when she turned left onto U.S. 50. The motorcyclist didn’t have time to avoid the car and hit the side of it. He was ejected and suffered fatal injuries.

The Wilmington Post of the OSHP is still investigating, but it appears to be an instance where the caged motorist “didn’t see” the motorcycle before turning. It’s the responsibility of drivers to look for vehicles of all sizes, not just cars and trucks. Sadly, when a passenger vehicle driver negligently turns in the path of a motorcyclist the results are often fatal.

If you or another motorcyclist in your family has been seriously injured or killed in a collision, speak with an experienced Cincinnati motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss your legal options for recovering money damages.

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