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Ohio woman killed after driver runs red light

Everyone knows that red means stop — it’s a fact that we learn from childhood. Yet, every year, many Ohio residents are endangered by people who run red lights, either because they are in a hurry or because they simply are not paying attention.

Earlier this month, an Ohio woman was killed after her vehicle was struck by another woman who ran a red light. The incident was reported in the early evening in Jackson Township.

The victim, who was driving a Toyota Avalon, was struck on the drivers’ side door by a woman in a Ford Edge. The driver of the Edge had apparently run a red light. The impact eventually came to involve two other vehicles as well, a Dodge Caravan and a Ford Ranger. The occupants of these vehicles apparently escaped unharmed; there are no reports that they required hospitalization. The driver who allegedly ran the red light was hospitalized after the accident, as was a passenger in her vehicle. The driver of the Avalon was also taken for medical treatment; however, doctors pronounced her dead at the hospital.

Police say the driver of the Edge could end up facing criminal charges for her role in the fatal accident. This is common after a fatal accident; criminal charges can result in long-term incarceration for those whose actions lead to fatal crashes. However, they do not do much to compensate the victim’s family members who often suffer financially after the death of a loved one. Funeral expenses, lost wages and medical bills can leave family members with a great deal of financial strain. To counteract this financial strain, family members may seek a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent driver in an effort to recover compensation.

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