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Firefighter amputee undaunted by motorcycle accident

It’s hard enough being a firefighter. There’s heavy hoses to uncoil and steep ladders to climb. Now just imagine doing all that activity while missing part of your leg. That’s exactly what a typical day is for a Franklin firefighter after he suffered in motorcycle accident that threatened to take away his livelihood.

The 24-year-old Franklin, Ohio firefighter was riding his motorcycle last fall in Indiana when another vehicle suddenly pulled out in front of him. The young man miraculously survived the accident, yet his left leg below the knee needed to be amputated. The firefighter says he remembers being devastated by learning of his condition. He says that firefighting was the only profession he ever wanted and to have that dream taken away was especially hard.

Luckily, colleagues and well-wishers rallied to the man’s cause. A Florida charity called “50 Legs” contributed nearly $30,000 for a prosthetic leg that would allow the firefighter to don his gear and specialized firefighting boot in under two minutes. In just about 10 months and a stretch in rehab, the firefighter has since returned to work. In fact, he participated in 16 calls in just his first day back at the station.

Motorcyclists have a lot to look out for when they’re on the road. Their smaller frame makes them difficult to see for drivers who are distracted by electronic devices. In addition to having a lookout for people texting on their phones, motorcyclists also have to be wary of the hazards posed by motorists impaired by drugs or alcohol. Without the benefit of seat belts and airbags, a motorcycle operator has to have their wits about them at all times.

Sadly, even the most vigilant motorcyclists can never prevent the car suddenly pulling out in front of them. Victims of preventable motorcycle accidents need to know that the legal system provides a way for them to be restored as much is possible to the state they were in prior to the accident. Through civil litigation, a motorcyclist can sue for financial compensation related to their medical costs and lost wages.

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