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Ohio bicycle accident statistics breakdown

by | Aug 15, 2014 | Bike Accidents

Ohio residents are fortunate to live in a state that takes a serious view of traffic safety. Each year, the Ohio Department of Public Safety publishes a report of crash statistics related to all types of accidents including incidents between bicyclists and other vehicles. Here are some of the highlights of the latest compilation of bike crash statistics:

— In 2013, there were a total of 1,548 bicycle deaths and injuries throughout the state of Ohio.

— 19 of those incidents were fatal, 216 people suffered an incapacitating injury and the large majority of bike crashes, 674, resulted with the bicyclist receiving a non-incapacitating injury.

— The vast majority of bicyclists who received non-incapacitating injuries were children between ages of 11 through 15 years old; 287 of those incidents were reported.

— The majority of bicyclist killed in 2013 were between the ages of 51 and 55 years old; five of those incidents were reported.

–The majority of all bicycle-related crashes in 2013 occurred during daylight hours. Thirteen fatal accidents and 1,015 injury accidents happened while the sun was out. Those numbers are drastically different than any other time of day. For example, the next most dangerous time was bicycling while dark on a lighted roadway. That time frame contained only two fatalities and 154 injuries, making it exponentially safer when examined in comparison to daylight hours.

Bicycle accidents between automobiles and trucks can result in catastrophic injuries that may require a lifetime of medical care. Ohio bicyclists injured as a result of an impaired, distracted or simply inattentive driver may be able to receive compensation by means of a civil lawsuit.

Although no outcome can be guaranteed, in some situations and injured bicyclists can be awarded money for their medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering and other related expenses.

Source: Ohio Department of Public Safety, “Tables 5.12 -14 Bicycle Deaths and Injuries Statistics” Aug. 15, 2014