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OVI charge stems from alleged Ohio accident involving parked car

When a car accident takes place, authorities look at the incident from multiple angles in order to get a better idea of what may have caused the accident. This tactic may lead police officers to conduct sobriety tests on any drivers involved. If an officer believes that a party may have been under the influence when an accident took place, that driver could potentially be charged for OVI.

A recent incident in Ohio resulted in a man facing charges for operating a vehicle under the influence. It was reported that the man was driving his vehicle east when he allegedly struck a parked automobile. Both vehicles were reported as having sustained damage as a result of the collision.

Officers responded to the scene and believed that the driver of the first vehicle was under the influence. The driver purportedly stated that he had been drinking earlier that day. Authorities reportedly conducted sobriety tests as well as a breath test that allegedly resulted in a .223 blood-alcohol level. The man was charged with OVI, and he has a court date set for the coming week.

As the man prepares for his court appearance, he may wish to find out more about the Ohio criminal proceedings for OVI charges. This information could potentially help him decide what may be the best ways to approach his case. Being prepared as his situation moves forward could possibly allow him to feel more comfortable under the legal circumstances with the choices that he may make regarding his possible defense.