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Ohio man may consider defense options after OVI charge

by | Nov 12, 2014 | OVI Defense

In many cases, an individual who has been accused of illegal activity may wish to present a defense against those allegations. A defense may allow a party who has been charged with OVI to present a version of the facts that could work toward maintaining his or her innocence. Individuals who opt to follow this legal route may want to become as informed as they can on their possible strategies.

A man in Ohio may be considering defensive strategies after being charged with OVI. It was reported that the situation allegedly began when the man was at a fast food establishment. He purportedly began yelling at a worker before leaving the restaurant and driving to another. An employee at the first restaurant apparently called the authorities to report that man’s actions.

Police later located the man after reportedly seeing his vehicle in a parking lot and took him into custody for OVI and driving on a suspended license. It was reported that this alleged situation would be the man’s fifth OVI offense. If he is convicted, he could potentially be sentenced to a year in jail.

As the man’s legal proceedings advance, he may want to explore any options that may be open to him. If he chooses to present a defense against the OVI allegations, he could potentially offer any relevant and beneficial evidence that may help his case. Further information on criminal proceedings for OVI in Ohio may also help him conclude which steps may be the right ones to take for his situation.