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Ohio woman faces possible OVI charge

When authorities suspect an individual to have exhibited suspicious behavior, an officer may approach the individual. If further suspicion arises, an officer may ask an individual some questions or request that the party participate in certain tests, especially if the officer believes an individual was operating a vehicle under the influence. Depending on the outcome of the situation, a person could potentially face an OVI charge.

One woman in Ohio may be facing such a charge after she was stopped by police. It was reported that two police cruisers were apparently stopped in a convenience store parking lot, and the officers in those cruisers were filling out paperwork. During this time, another vehicle reportedly entered the parking lot, then allegedly left when an officer approached the vehicle. It was not mentioned why an officer approached the vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle apparently asked the officer if it was an OVI checkpoint and the officer claimed that it was — as of that moment. As a result of the situation, the driver purportedly performed field sobriety tests and took a Breathalyzer test. The breath test allegedly indicated that the driver had a blood-alcohol level over twice the legal limit, though the exact percent was not given.

The driver of the car will likely face an OVI charge relating to the situation. If such a charge is formally filed, the driver may wish to determine how she would like to handle the case. Information regarding Ohio court proceedings relating to drunk driving may help her better prepare for the situation.

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