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Ready To Enter The World Of Motorcycling? Take This Advice


The belief that motorcycles are just for outlaws or those with a death wish is long gone. Ridership has never been higher and the industry has manufactured bikes to fit just about any person’s needs and preferences – from electric motorcycles and scooters to trikes.

Whether you are a millennial looking for a fun and inexpensive way to get around this summer or a baby boomer who has developed an interest in the open road, there are some important things you should strongly consider before you go any further. Follow our advice and you’ll likely have a safer, longer and more affordable venture into the world of motorcycling.

Sign Up For A Basic Rider Course (BRC)


Enroll in a 16-hour BRC course and you are on the fast track to getting your Ohio motorcycle license. Just make sure you get your Temporary Instruction Permit Identification Card (TIPIC) prior to the first day of class – and before riding a bike.

Why should you participate in a basic rider course for new motorcyclists?

  • Successful completion waives your skill test waiver for a motorcycle endorsement.
  • Most insurers provide a discount to those who take a BRC.
  • Motorcycles and helmets are provided to students.
  • Class discusses and simulates potentially dangerous situations that cannot be learned through self-teach.
  • Class is fun, engaging and full of interesting people.

Buy Insurance

Unless you are buying an expensive collector’s bike, your motorcycle insurance will be much cheaper than your automobile insurance. We recommend you carry at least a one million dollar umbrella insurance policy. This recommendation is based on our ample experience helping motorcycle accident victims – you really need this coverage for yourself and for your passenger.


Get Your License


Do not ride without insurance and a license or permit.

First Bike? Buy Cheap


If this is your first motorcycle, you will do best to buy an inexpensive and dependable bike to start. There is a good chance you will be laying it down or dropping it during your first season. You can always upgrade when you feel the need. You can often find great deals in the fall as the riding season winds down.

Buy Gear


You want to be warm and safe on your motorcycle so get some durable gear. Your chance of wrecking is greater as a novice, so wearing a helmet, eyewear, jacket, thick pants, gloves and closed footwear is important. You can try on and buy gear at a local motorcycle dealer, or you can browse a seemingly endless selection through an online motorcycle gear retailer.

Remember What You Learned In Class


At least one Ohio motorcyclist wrecks nearly every day during the riding season. Many of these accidents are caused by caged motorists so you always need to be on the lookout, anticipating drivers’ mistakes.

What If I Crash?


If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries or death in an accident due to another person’s negligence, you should speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Choose a lawyer with ample experienced representing injured motorcyclists and passengers, your case cannot be treated as a typical auto accident.

For a post-accident checklist, check out our free, comprehensive motorcycle eBook, Guiding You Through An Ohio Motorcycle Accident.