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Man with multiple OVI offenses arrested in Ohio

It was recently reported that one man in Ohio was taken into custody for alleged drunk driving, and if convicted, it could be the man’s 14th offense. Apparently, the man had stopped at a gas station at approximately 2 a.m., and when he was about to leave, the clerk at the station called police. The clerk reportedly stated that the man was intoxicated and — despite his multiple OVI offenses — was about to continue traveling.

Officers purportedly located the vehicle, and after the driver allegedly crossed the yellow line multiple times and almost hit a barrier wall, they apparently tried to stop the vehicle. The driver reportedly continued traveling for some distance, but he did come to a stop. The officers allegedly smelled alcohol coming from the vehicle, but the man purportedly denied drinking when questioned by the officers.

The authorities apparently attempted to conduct sobriety tests, but after a visual focus test, the man did not wish to participate in any more tests. Nonetheless, the man was taken into custody for OVI. It was later learned that the man had 13 previous OVI convictions and that his license had only recently been reinstated in order for him to drive to work.

Multiple OVI offenses could mean that the man is at risk of facing more severe punishment if he is convicted of these recent charges. However, the man does have the opportunity to create and present a criminal defense if he wishes to do so. Information on Ohio criminal proceedings relating to his case could help him determine how he would like to move forward with his case.

Source: newsnet5.com, “Man eludes police, gets cited for his 14th OVI conviction”, Homa Bash, Nov. 4, 2015