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Ohio woman charged with OVI after crash

When an individual has been accused of driving under the influence, he or she will likely face a potentially confusing time. Because most people are not well versed when it comes to criminal proceedings, an individual who has been accused of OVI may be uncertain about the direction to follow. Exploring viable defense options may help make the situation more clear.

One woman in Ohio is currently facing legal action after recently being taken into custody. It was reported that the woman had allegedly been driving a vehicle when she crashed into the rear of another vehicle. The vehicle that was struck had slowed in order to make a turn, and the woman’s vehicle had been traveling at an excessive rate of speed. The collision caused the struck vehicle to hit a third vehicle that had stopped on the roadway.

The collisions caused a 9-year-old girl in the woman’s vehicle to suffer minor injuries. The driver of that vehicle was the child’s mother, and she was accused of operating a vehicle while impaired. It was unclear whether any chemical tests were administered to determined her blood-alcohol level. She was also charged with child endangerment, reckless driving and another allegation.

If the woman chooses to do so, she has the opportunity to create and present a criminal defense against the OVI and other charges. Information on defense strategies and Ohio criminal proceedings may help the women determine which options may best suit her case. Consulting with her legal counsel may also prove beneficial, particularly in view of the potential threat to the continued exercise of her parental rights.

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