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Stay safe this holiday season

by | Dec 22, 2016 | Personal Injury

The holidays can be a joyous time of year. Many of us look forward to the holiday season as an opportunity to reconnect with family, enjoy the spirit of giving and renew traditions that call to mind our own childhoods. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus or none of the above, we wish you joy, peace and happiness. As personal injury attorneys, we also feel obligated to pass along some advice on how to stay safe this holiday season.

Winter driving

Driving in the winter is one of the least enjoyable aspects of the holidays. If you are visiting friends or relatives, you need to prepare for the weather you are likely to encounter. Snow, ice, sleet and rain can all increase the likelihood of a car accident. In addition to difficult weather, the holidays see an increase in the number of drunk drivers on the roads, and the potential increase of drowsy drivers. Fatal car accidents are always higher during the holidays during other times of the year. 

Premises liability

Another common safety concern this time of year is dangerous premises. From crowded shopping centers to unknown safety hazards at holiday parties, the chance of injury on someone else’s property is always there. Property owners have a responsibility to you, as a visitor. If there are unsafe conditions, like slick floors or broken railings, they must remedy those conditions or take other measures to protect you from them. Family pets sometimes react badly to unfamiliar visitors, and it is often children who suffer when an animal attacks. When you on someone else’s property, it is important to keep a lookout for potential harm.

Unsafe toys

Gift-giving is a wonderful tradition in many families. Unfortunately, not all gifts turn out as well as we’d like. Some toys turn out to be unsafe, either in the way they are manufactured or in their design. Some toymakers cut corners or use unsafe materials, endangering children during the holidays. The result is injuries to children.

Be alert and have a happy holiday season.

Some injuries are unavoidable, but most can be prevented by taking proper care. Avoid aggressive driving. Be on the lookout for dangerous drivers. Make sure to adjust your driving to fit the weather conditions. Never drive drunk. Inspect new toys before giving them to your children. Make sure the toy has no obvious defects, such as small parts that could be a choking hazard. With a few simple steps, you can protect yourself and your family. Have a happy holidays and stay safe.