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FedEx Trucking Policy Places Public At Risk; FedEx Places Profits Over People

We pride ourselves on pursuing the truth for families following a truck crash. Too frequently these crashes could have been prevented and too frequently truck companies refuse to treat a family fairly after taking the life of a loved one. Compensation will not bring a human being back to life but it will help relieve additional stress following a catastrophic truck crash.

We are highlighting a policy by a logistics company that works for FedEx to show why change is needed in the trucking industry. Surviving family members and the need for change is what drives us. 

Logistics company hired by FedEx; A case example

The logistics company that works for FedEx pays some drivers by the package. Drivers are paid $1.45 for each package delivered on a route. A driver is required to deliver between 90 and 120 packages on a single day. The driver is not compensated for loading which typically takes two hours. There is no hourly pay for that driver.

Profits over people. Like other trucking companies, FedEx policy and the companies it hires for logistics, incentivize drivers to deliver packages as quickly as possible, even if it puts other people in danger. This particular logistics company keeps black box data, similar to ECM data for larger trucks, on FedEx vans. The data tracks speed, sudden accelerations, braking and more.

In a recent sad case, a young man was seriously injured when a driver struck him on a route. The driver’s black box data showed that he had been speeding in his routes 972 times in a five month period. The logistics company was able to review and rely on this data to monitor and fire this driver. Not only was he not fired, there was no discipline for this reckless behavior. Profits over people.

Experience and success in trucking death cases

A number of lawyers hold themselves out to be “truck crash lawyers,” but the truth is that very few attorneys have experience handling truck crashes. We have handled several semi-truck cases throughout Ohio and the Midwest that involved serious injury and death. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients by pursuing every angle of a case as if it were our own.

The truth is not easy to find and trucking companies will hire expensive experts and lawyers to place blame on others and attempt to pay less than what a case is worth. An experienced lawyer will have an accident reconstruction team ready and force the trucking company to preserve critical data related to the crash at the onset of the case.

We offer free consultations and we travel to families in need.