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Dangers of Amusement Parks

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Personal Injury

Many of us love the thrill of the highs and lows of the amusement parks, carnivals, fairs or water parks. We love the rush of excitement we experience on every ride. But, do we think of the dangers or safety? Most of us do not. We assume regulations and standards are in place. 

In Ohio, we have eight major amusement and water parks. They include:

  • Kings Island
  • The Beach Waterpark
  • Cedar Point Shores
  • Zoombezi Bay
  • Cedar Point
  • Geauga Lake
  • Six Flags Worlds of Adventure
  • Great Wolf Lodge

Did you know that when you purchase a ticket at one of these establishments, you may also be releasing liability of the amusement park or water park for any injuries you have while on the park property? This is something attorneys work very hard to overcome for their clients. The attorneys at Rittgers Rittgers & Nakajima have successfully recovered money for people injured while at The Great Wolf Lodge, Kings Island and other area amusement parks.

We have all heard about deregulation. The amusement park industry is no exception. In 1981, the Amusement park industry was deregulated, resulting in no national safety standards for fixed and permanent attractions, known as the so-called “roller-coaster loophole.” Because of this deregulation, States have had to step in to take control. But, only 44 out of the 50 states regulate amusement parks, luckily Ohio is one of those states.

Past injuries and deaths

  • In 1984, eight teens died after being trapped in a haunted castle that was engulfed in flames;
  • In 1991, at Kings Island there were three deaths in one day at different parts of the park; two by electrocution and one by a plunging death from a roller coaster after failure of harness and safety bars; and
  • In 2016, a 10-year-old boy was decapitated on the world’s tallest water slide because of a flawed design.

As for injuries, as of 2016, there were over 30,900 injuries that have been reported. Injuries include, amputations, heart attacks, stokes, drownings, broken bones and so much more.

Stay Safe

According to a CNN article in 2018, “Many parents either assume that the rides at the amusement parks are safe and they’re being inspected, or they don’t even stop to think about it.”

Here are six steps in keeping safe at any type of amusement park or water park:

  • Follow all the rules of the park.
  • Keep your eyes on the children.
  • Respect the dangers of water and be cautious.
  • Ride age appropriate rides.
  • Make sure safety straps and harnesses are secure before leaving the loading area.
  • If injured, get help IMMEDIATELY.

When injuries and death occur

Truth is, accidents happen anywhere, but when companies advertise their amusement park and water parks are fun, safe and thrilling places to attend, individuals put their trust in the establishment to make the experience a thrill not a danger or threat of injury or death. An accident is sometimes just that – an accident. But negligence is something very different and that’s why the attorneys at Rittgers Rittgers & Nakajima are here to help injury victims.

Call Rittgers Rittgers & Nakajima today if you have been injured at any amusement park or water park.