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Are You Really Fully Covered?

by | Aug 6, 2019 | Personal Injury

When most of us purchase comprehensive insurance, bundling homeowners and auto insurance, we believe we are fully covered for all accidents that might happen. However, even though insurance companies advertise with catchy phrases that promise full coverage and protection, a close look at the policy often shows that is not true. Insurance companies often use tricky language that write exceptions into policies that allow them to deny coverage. And then we’re stuck with paying for damages we expected to be covered.

Recently we were hired to represent a man who was badly injured when his relative lost control of a golf cart they were riding in, throwing our client off the cart. His relative thought he had full coverage through three separate policies with reputable insurance carriers, both home and auto. 

The homeowners carrier, however, denied coverage using policy language that it did not cover motor vehicle accidents and that a golf cart was a motor vehicle. The auto carrier denied coverage using policy definitions that a golf cart was not a motor vehicle.

Fortunately, we are helping our client and his family work through the situation and are hopeful we will get recovery. Our client had insurance of his own which covered him for accidents caused by uninsured persons. His at-fault relative may be deemed in uninsured person even though he once thought he had “full coverage.”

If you are involved in a situation where an insurance company is unfairly denying coverage, please contact us. We are happy to help right the wrong.