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Injury Law Firms Restricted From Sending Mail Solicitations After Car Crashes

by | Aug 14, 2019 | Personal Injury

Good news! The Ohio legislature has passed House Bill 166, a law that prevents attorneys and health providers from soliciting or otherwise communicating with victims of motor vehicle accidents for thirty days following the accident. It will take effect in the coming months – likely October of this year.

For years, injury victims of motor vehicle accidents have received literally dozens of phone calls and mailings from predatory lawyers and health providers, who use police scanners and telemarketers to find out about the accident and then pressure the injured into hiring them. Many of these firms are not even from the area they solicit. The mailers come at a sensitive time, when the injured person is trying to heal from often devastating injuries and in most cases the solicitation is unwelcome. House Bill 166, aptly-named the “Embargo” law, protects the injured from this onslaught of stressful solicitation. 

At Rittgers, we have never solicited business in this distasteful manner. We have never used telemarketers, mailings or TV/Radio ads to generate business. Instead, we have relied upon our hard work, professional reputation and quality results to meet our clients.

If you are hurt in an auto wreck, you naturally will have many questions. Feel free to contact us when you are ready. We provide a no-charge, pressure-free consultation to answer all of your questions with the goal of making sure you get better and are treated fairly.